Bautista & Co. Accounting Services

  1. You have a need for ongoing or catch-up bookkeeping, accounting, or payroll services.
  2. Call Bautista & Co at (650) 697-7907 and speak directly with a bookkeeping manager who gives you a free estimate of the monthly cost to fill your needs. Together, we design the accounting plan that is right for your HOA.
  3. Our accountants update your books on a Monthly or Quarterly basis. You have full-time access to your Bookkeeping Managers.  Our reports are accurate, easy-to-read, and designed to meet the needs of CPAs, loan institutions, title companies, and your Board Of Directors for annual budget preparation.
  4. At tax time your CPA and/or tax accountant receives well-kept books from which to do their work, saving you money -and saving them a headache.

Bautista & Co Receives Best of Millbrae Award 2 Years In a Row!

I congratulate you for the great operation you are leading and thank you and your team for the great relationship you have established with us.” – HOA Client